Autodata Now Into Stop-Start Systems


Stop-start technologies have become commonplace in modern vehicles but professional technicians should not fear – Autodata has expanded its content to enable workshops to service these systems.

The BMW Group helped to popularise the technology, selling over half a million stop-start vehicles since 2006*.

Mainstream manufacturers are now catching up, meaning there is an ever growing amount of cars on the roads designed with this fuel-saving technology. Several of these systems will demand repairs or need to be disconnected when undertaking other maintenance.

Autodata is definitely innovating so as to keep abreast of important trends in automotive technology and expands its content to ensure professional technicians can repair almost any vehicle shown to them.

Earlier this season Autodata enhanced its online product offering to include technical information on vehicles with stop-start technology, among the latest industry advancements to get up fuel efficiency.

The technology used in stop-start systems has advanced rapidly since its commercial debut from the late ‘90s – the amount of vehicles now carrying this technology represents a growing source of revenue for maintenance and repair workshops.

The technical information provided by Autodata on its online system enables technicians to identify the specific location of key elements such as the main battery, additional battery and the stop-start capacitor. Procedures for disconnecting and reconnecting each element are clearly explained along with additional information for servicing the machine.

Whilst brilliantly efficient, stop-start does have their own technological complexities. In automotive terms, the different types of stop-start ignitions – for example the Toyota Yaris’ constant engagement between starter motor and flywheel ring gear – or even the advanced battery technology might be difficult and complex even for seasoned technicians to identify.

Rod Williams, Autodata’s Chief Executive, said: “Our job is to help maximise efficiency and make sure automotive professionals execute repairs correctly each and every time. We embrace the technological advancements happening in automotive design and we pass our knowledge onto our customers to ensure they are in position to enhance their businesses.

It is not just about saving time on each job, we hope which our customers will never have to reject business or perhaps be daunted by new technologies.”

The introduction of technical information on vehicles with stop-start technology and lots of further extra features which are already under development, demonstrates Autodata’s commitment to continuously innovate and pioneer the provision of technical information to the automotive aftermarket industry.

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