Signs That Your Tires Need Changing

It’s important that you know when your tires are working well and when it’s time for something different, after all the tires are the only thing which keep your car on the road. These are the only part which actually touch the highway and are necessary for your safety, the efficiency and the performance of your motor.

Most tires are designed to give a similar type of performance throughout their working lives but do start to lose braking ability and traction as they get more worn. Below are a few ways to know when your tires are past their best and need to be changed.

Tire Treads

The primary reason that tires have treads would be to displace the water on the road from beneath the wheels and therefore improve traction and safety. As being the tread in the tires grows more worn they may be unsafe, particularly once the tread has worn to lower than 1/16th of any inch or 1.6 mm.


Browse the Tread Pattern

Take a good close glance at the tread pattern on your tires. All tires which are available in the States are provided with tread wear bars – the small raised bridges between your treads. As tires get worn the bars decrease and eventually become even or flush with the tread on the tire. It is a sure sign that your tires need to be replaced.

Try the Penny Test

Just an ordinary, everyday penny can help to determine whether your tires need changing. Place one upside down in the middle of the tire tread to enable you to see Lincoln in the thickest portion of the tire.

• If the top of Lincolns head is visible then you should change your tires immediately

• If you can partially see the hair on the top of his head you also need to think of replacing your tires

• If you have inserted the coin and still see Lincolns forehead but not the hair on the top of his head then there’s still enough tread left within your tires to enable them to perform effectively and safely.


Using a Tread Depth Indicator

Not everybody does) you may want to work with a tire tread depth indicator if you don’t happen to have a cent with Abraham Lincoln upon itlet’s and face it. They can be quite affordable and available at many good motoring stores. You simply make use of the indicator in the similar method to the penny but there is a gauge showing you exactly as soon as your tire needs to be replaced.


Are The Tires Legal?

It not simply makes good common sense for safety and gratifaction reasons to make sure that your tires have sufficient tread; it is also a legitimate requirement. In many of the States in the US tires will be regarded as illegal every time they wear down to the 1/16th inch / 1.6 mm mark.

Take A Look At Irregular Wear of Your Tire Tread

If the wheels on your vehicle will not be aligned properly it may lead to uneven wear on the tire tread. When you notice this on any of your tires not only should you have your car checked at a professional service center but you should also replace your tires immediately. Pop into Nissan Palm Springs and they’ll get the job done for you.

Even if you are not sure about whether your tires are legal and don’t drive very far you should replace your tires at least every six years – the maximum life span of most tires.

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