The LA Survival Guide

When we had to find one word to sum up the full sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles, it would most likely be “”vibrant.”” Color, vitality, and character abound with this eccentric city. Having its flaming sunrises and sunsets, abundant natural charm, phenomenal food, and wellspring of artistic expression, LA is a modern Mecca unlike any other. Los Angeles and all of its diversions draw people from around the globe to create their homes on its sunny shores, but it can be a hard city to obtain a handle on. It isn’t organized like other major cities, and the calm, casual lifestyle can be a jarring change to those people who are used to living life from the fast lane. Keep our survival guide handy if you’re thinking about making the relocate to Los Angeles yourself. In order to thrive and survive in LA, these represent the things you have to know.

Learn to Love Your Car


The first thing you need to accept about life in La is that your car will be one of the more integral aspects of your everyday routine. This isn’t Ny or London, where you can rely on the subway to get you where you need to go effectively and efficiently. The city just isn’t laid out that way. You’ll spend a huge amount of time in your car, and thus will all the others around you. This means tons of traffic, so avoid driving between 4: 00PM-7: 00PM 7 days a week. Investing in a comfortable car with great mileage can certainly make your life easier. We love the Nissan Cube from Universal City Nissan for its fantastic fuel economy and quirky vibe. If you’re in the market for a new car, be sure to swing by to look at their great selection of new and used cars that are perfect for navigating LA life.

Get Casual


Every aspect of life in LA is just a a bit more laid back than everywhere else, although maybe it has something connected with living right next to the ocean. Going on a conversation? Leave your suit and tie at home. Business casual is really casual here, meaning jeans are both welcomed and expected. Keep a swimsuit stashed in your car, because you never know when you’ll be surprised by an impromptu excursion to the beach. Flip flops and Toms reign supreme on the sidewalks. Kick back, relax, and remain a while.

Skip Town


For those of LA’s perks, among the best parts of living here is getting out of town! You live in Los Angeles after all- take advantage of it! Orange County, Joshua Tree National Park, San Francisco, and Napa Valley are typical just a short car ride away. Embrace the slower pace, and acquire away to the weekend. Regular time away will help you to appreciate the city, and maintain your sanity. Exploring the California Coast will enable you to appreciate your new home in a whole new way!